About José


José Van Haastert is a passionate, skilled teacher and gifted intuitive healer with tremendous insight into peoples’ body language with the ability to accurately read their underlying emotions. Her teachings are a combination of many traditions and lineages. She inspires people with her bold yet sincere opinion about spirituality, healing and coaching. She loves to work with groups, guiding people to reach their full potential.

She is known to be very determined and persistent in finding answers when questions and problems are presented to her. Life shaped her into a very good listener, and she attracts many people seeking her advice. Her former banking career educated her about the importance of confidentiality, while honesty comes to her naturally. She strongly believes you receive what you give. One of her main beliefs is the importance of staying grounded in order to function well in daily life.

José is certified in many modalities and is a graduate of the Master teacher’s level of the Deborah King Centre Energy Medicine training program. She completed many other programs offered by the Deborah King Centre. This combination of teachings propelled her into a range of new (old) techniques as Shamanism and Multi Dimensional healing.

Her client services are a combination of multiple modalities, applying a unique blend of techniques with great results. José is available for personal and remote work via phone or Skype with fluency in English and Dutch.


I’ve had four incredible Skype sessions with José over the past year. Because time and space don’t exist in energy work, it’s a tremendous opportunity to access José’s gifts of healing; it’s just like being in the room with her.

Diane T

I was in a pretty dark place before I started energy healing, and you have changed me into a happy well balanced woman. Your teachings have inspired me to help others as well.
Thank you for coming into my journey.

Lorrie M